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Types of Coverage

Automobile Liability

Provides coverage for damage to people and property you are financially responsible for.

Physical Damage

Covers damage to scheduled trucks, tractors, and trailers. Physical Damage is a group of coverages set to protect trucking vehicles. These include Collision Insurance and choices for full Comprehensive insurance or Fire and Theft. 


Also known as Motor Truck Cargo, covers cargo in your possession that you are hauling. This coverage pays for loss of property during transit. It provides insurance on freight or on commodities hauled by a For-hire trucker. Coverages include liability for lost or damaged cargo caused by fire, collision, or the striking of a load.

General Liability

Also known as Truckers General Liability, this coverage insures for bodily injuries or property damage that happen due to business activities that are NOT the cause of operating a truck. It covers accidents that occur in parking lots, rest stops, also while loading or unloading. General liability can also cover losses related to theft and vandalism.  Most brokers and shippers will require this coverage to work with you. 

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Covers independent semi drivers outside the scope of their lease agreement with the motor carrier. Non Trucking Liability or NTL offers liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third party. Any personal use between your return and next dispatch points will be covered under NTL.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments Coverage, sometimes called Med Pay, provides payments for injuries suffered by truck drivers, employees, or persons who are riding in the truck with the consent of the insured. Med Pay also provides compensation for accidental deaths that happen while using the truck.  Med Pay can and often does overlap with health and other medical insurance coverages.

Reefer Breakdown

A reefer, or refrigerated truck, has unique insurance needs because they are carrying perishable goods that require constant chilling. Reefer Breakdown coverage pays for losses when a refrigerated load spoils due to mechanical failure of the commercial vehicle or other such common occurrences.

General Inquiries

What are the benefits of purchasing insurance with a Transportation Specialist at Independence Insurance Agency?

At Independence Insurance Agency we specialize in transportation insurance. We have excellent relationships with many of the major carriers that offer trucking insurance. Why would you want to go to a “Jack of All Trades” when you can go to our Transportation Specialist that knows how to get you covered.  

How large is the Insurance network in which Independence Insurance Agency works with?

We are proud to say that we work with over 20 carriers and strive to give all of our clients the best options for the best pricing. From owner operators to large fleets we can get you covered.

Do you offer premium financing?

Absolutely! We have excellent financing options available nationwide. 

It is possible to obtain insurance with a DUI or a “not so good” driving record?

YES. We make every effort to build the proper policy for just about any Driver. In some cases, however, the premium can get too high and we will spend the proper consultation time to make sure the economics make sense.

Does Independence Insurance Agency charge a fee for any changes or certificates?

Independence Insurance Agency does not charge for the processing of any policy changes or certificates. We give our clients access to pull their own certificates and many changes can be done through the client portal. If you need help, we are only a call away.

Am I able to terminate my policy without penalty? Will it affect my credit?

Yes, you can always cancel your policy at any time. Most truck insurance policies utilize an outside billing company (Premium Finance) and an EARLY cancellation request can usually be executed without penalty. Cancellation will NOT affect your credit. You are, however, expected to pay all premiums that have accrued to your account.

How long will a claim affect my premium?

Most companies will look back 3 years.

If the circumstances arise that I will be traveling outside of my normal operating radius, what should I do?

Please give Independence Insurance Agency a call once you know the destination and how long you will be out of your normal radius and an exception can usually be granted by the insurer.

What is the difference between “pro-rate” and “short-rate”?

Pro-rate means you will only be paying for the days insured. Short-rate occurs when the insurance company charges you for the days insured plus a percentage for the early cancellation. 

If I were to relocate to another state, would I have to cancel and rewrite?

That will depend upon which insurance company you are insured through. Some policies can be transferred. Please notify us as soon as you can.

What are the requirements to be able to remove a truck from my policy?

If you have permits with insurance filings, you generally must sell or transfer that vehicle out of your name. In some cases, a DMV non-operational certificate will work.

How soon can I expect my filings to be completed?

Generally, permit filings are done by the insurance company the next business day. The Federal (FMCSA) filings are done online and updated immediately while some States can take as long as 3 weeks to process.

Are tow bills covered under my insurance policy?

Generally, the answer to this question is YES; assuming, of course, they are related to an accident and not a mechanical failure.

Can I obtain coverage for my personal items inside my truck?

Yes. Many of the insurers have an option to include coverage for these items. It is done through the physical damage coverage

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